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Yellowtail (not to be confused with Yellowfin) are one of the best eating of the Jack family, and according to many anglers, one of the hardest fighting as well.  These are a shallow water fish, found in depths from 50 to 400 feet and come into our area in the spring, when the water temperatures have dropped to their preferred range.   Fishing live bait just off the bottom, or vertical jigging are the most popular and effective methods of catching them.  Sizes here can range from small 6-8 pound fish all the way up to logs that weigh in excess of 40 pounds. Preferred tackle is a stiff rod, conventional reel and line testing 40 pounds, but enjoyment (and success) can be had on lighter gear as well, just be prepared to lose fish as they dive into the rocks.  If (or when) you hook into one, you will be disappointed when it comes to the surface as they fight like a fish twice the actual size.  Bleed and ice them when the come into the boat, and enjoy some of the tastiest fish we have!

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