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Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna, along with Striped Marlin and Dorado are one of the main targets of anglers coming to fish in Cabo San Lucas.  The existing IGFA world record of  427 pounds was caught out of Cabo San lucas, the largest ever caught on rod and reel at 445 pounds was caught on the seamounts well to the west of Cabo and every year the Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot Tournament is held in Cabo.  This means that we have great Yellowfin Tuna fishing here, right?  Well. some of the time at least!  Like all fish, Yellowfin are temperature sensitive, and if the water is not right, or the bait is not here, you are not going to have much luck.  Most of the fish caught here are either footballs (between four and 10 pounds), schoolies (between 15-35 pounds) or “decent” fish between 40 -100 pounds.  There are several areas that seem to hold Yellowfin better than others, and these are the Inner and Outer Gorda Banks, the Inman Bank and the San Jaime Banks as well as an area to the southeast of the San Jaime known as the “Herradura”.  One of the main methods of finding Yellowfin is looking for Porpoise.  If you find the white bellied or spotted ones, there is a decent chance of Yellowfin being around.  Often larger Yellowfin will be found in the area with large black porpoise, as all these creatures are feeding on the same bait.  Tuna do not jump when hooked, instead they are down and dirty fighters, and the can bring an angler to tears with their strength, circling forever as they are slowly brought to the surface.  They can be caught on lures and on live bait, both methods work well.  One thing to keep in mind though is caring for them after being caught.  Yellowfin are one of the few fish whose body temperature increases during the fight, and if they are not bled after being brought on board there is the possibility of the meat becoming “burned” from the heat.  Bleed them, gut them and place them in ice brine and you will have meat fit for a king!  The limit in Mexico is five Tuna per angler, so don’t be greedy!DSCN1725GetAttachmentDSCF2155

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