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Wahoo, known as “Ono” in Hawaii, is one of the fastest fish in the ocean.  It is also known as “Headshaker” and “Razortooth”, both very descriptive and accurate names as you might find out if you catch one.  As the fish gets close to the boat, the headshaking becomes clear as the rod thrums and pumps as the fish tosses its head from side to side.  If you hooked it on a mono-filament leader you might also find out the reason for the second name.  The teeth are very fine, extremely sharp and inter-lock, giving the ability to cut through almost anything.  I once hooked a very large Wahoo in Guam on a lure rigged with 600 pound test multi-strand aircraft cable, and the fish sliced through that cleanly after a short 4 second run.  Most of the fish found in Cabo run from 10 to 45 pounds, but I have caught them over 100 pounds and the world record of 184 pounds was also caught here.  Although the larger specimens are most often caught in the open ocean, these fish can run in decent schools and the smaller to medium sized fish concentrate along high spots and drop offs, as many of the pelagic fish do,  You will find them where there is bait, and that is where the bait concentrates.  Using wire leader will greatly increase you chance of catching one of these speedsters, but will also decrease your chances of catching other fish.  These fish are fast, and in the Bahamas are commonly caught while trolling at speeds up to 15 knots. By the way, Wahoo are fantastic eating, just don’t cook them too long as the meat is very lean.wahooNellie with wahoo

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