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The Swordfish is not a common fish to Cabo and is considered by many anglers as well as Captains to be the most desired of the billfish, both due to the rarity and the fight as well as the fact that they are fantastic eating.  Most often feeding deep in the water column, beneath the thermocline in the cold water that squid love, they are rarely seen by anyone.  The occasional sighting on the surface usually occurs as the fish is drifting, trying to increase its body temperature in order to digest the squid (or other fish) it has eaten.  This gives the angler a very short time frame to catch the fish, a bait must be put in front of the fish after it has digested what is in its stomach and before it dives deep to feed again. Much of the sport angling for Swordfish occurs while drifting in the daytime with baits very deep in the water, often to depths of over 2,000 feet.  One way to do this in a sporting way is to use break-away weights of up to fifteen pounds, but that is a lot of line to retrieve if there is no bite!  You can also use an extra rod as a down-rigger, and run a release clip on the lower section so the weight can be retrieved after the hook up. If you get the chance to throw or pull a bait past one, do not be upset if there is not any action from the fish other than it slowly sinking out of sight.  Often they will be eyeing the bait and then come up to eat it.  If you manage to hook one, be ready for a very long fight, and there is a good possibility that you may lose the fish as they are known to have soft mouths.  These billfish seem to appear in the spring months here, as the water starts to change from the cold winter conditions to the warm summer waters.  Most often the water has a slight green tinge to it, and if it is calm enough you might be able to spot the dorsal and tail fins poking out of the water,  They are often seen by novice anglers as two Marlin fins, but those keen to the fish know what they really are!  The second picture below shows a fully formed juvenile Swordfish and you can see the ratio of the bill length to the body length, these are impossible to mistake for any other fish in the ocean.
swordfish Baby Swordfish

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