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Snapper are some of the best eating around, but like Grouper, can put you into the rocks in a heartbeat.  One of the reasons is that like Grouper, they love to feed in and among the rocks, they can ambush their prey and have protection from fish that want to eat them.  We have three main species (generally speaking) of Snapper here.  The largest is the Cubera (Dog) Snapper, second largest is the Barred Snapper (known as Pargo, althoug snapper in general are also called this) and then there are the red snapper, also known as Colorado Snapper.  As you can see from the first photo below, the Cubera Snapper gets its name as Dog Snapper for a reason, look at those chompers!  They are caught on live bait tossed right into sand pockets among the rocks, on cut bait in deeper water just above the rocks, and on lures right along the rock piles.  The majority of our Snapper are two to ten pounds but larger fish are caught on occasion, sometimes as large as 40 pounds.Cubera (aka Dogtooth) Snapper Red SnapperThis picture is courtesy of Johnathan Roldan’s “Tailhunter International” in La Paz.

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