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Most anglers are dismissive of Skipjack Tuna, they are small (most of the time) and overpowered by the average trolling gear.  As well as that, many Mexican crews call the Black Skipjack (or Kawakawa) the generic name Bonita, adding to the confusion.  The black Skipjack is called that because of the dark, bloody meat and is not very good to eat.  The Oceanic Skipjack (Bonita) has meat darker than that of a Yellowfin, but is good eating.  The Oceanic Skipjack is a very important commercial fish, and is often found in schools numbering in the tens of thousands, and is the meat most of you get when you open a can of tuna fish.  Look for the horizontal lines on the fish and you will know the difference. They are also one of the favorite baits used for catching large Marlin!  Trolling around a school will produce fish, using Sardinas as chum and bait will bring them to the surface and vertical jigging is also an excellent way to catch them.  Make sure the tackle you use is matched to the size of the fish and you will have a great fight on your hands, and some good eating as well.  Just make sure you bleed, gut and ice them quickly after bringing them on board.Skipjack Skipjack 2

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