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In our area Sierra are a springtime fish as they prefer cooler water.  They travel in large schools, feeding on juvenile fish and Sardinas and one of the best ways to find them is by cruising the shoreline looking for splashes and fish coming out of the water.  They do not get large, fish of 5 pounds are the most common but Sierra that are 10 pounds and more are not rare.  One of the most difficult issues facing fishermen looking for Sierra is dealing with their teeth.  They have a lot of them, and they are very, very sharp.  Anglers loose a lot of fish when fishing mono-filament leader!  This is also one of the main targets of fly fishermen since they travel in large schools, can be chummed to the boat and seem to not have many issues eating an artificial bait.  A wire bite leader is a must for fly fishermen that do not want to go through $100 in flies on a trip.  Sierra meat is great eating, but the fresher the better.  After being frozen it looses much of its good taste and become a bit fishy.  Caught that day and prepared as ceviche it is fantastic, and it is also very good smoked. sierra-mackarel-large Big Sierra

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