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This is one billfish you cannot mistake for any other, and the name is the definition as you can see from the photos below.  The extremely exaggerated Dorsal Fin looks like a sail. and is used by the fish as they circle and attack balls of bait fish.  The extended dorsal fin is used to herd the baitfish, then the pack of Sailfish dart in and pick them off one by one.  Sometimes you can spot a sailfish on the surface as they drift with the dorsal fin extended into the air, often dried out if they have been doing it for a while.  It is thought that they are doing this to regulate their body temperature, but who knows for sure.  The Sailfish is a warm water fish and appears in all waters of the world.  Our Pacific Sailfish are much larger on average that Atlantic Sailfish with a very large one going 200 pounds, but the average here is right around 60 pounds.  Being smaller billfish it makes sense that they feed on smaller baits, so rigged ballyhoo and skipjack belly strips are common baits, as are smaller trolling lures.  Since they often travel in packs, it is not uncommon to have multiple fish strike lures in the trolling pattern.  Due to their size, they are very often overwhelmed by the size of the tackle used, but are fantastic sport on 20 pound test and fly rod gear, but we do not get the large numbers here in Cabo that make targeting them a daily possibility.

Sailfish Pacific-sailfish sunning

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