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Just so we are clear, our refund policy is simple.  If you cancel the booking MORE than 72 hours in advance, the total you have paid as a boat deposit minus bank or PayPal fees is refunded.   If the cancellation is LESS than 72 hours but MORE than 24 hours, you receive a 50% refund of monies paid, minus the same expenses.  If you cancel the charter with LESS than 24 hours notice, the boat deposit funds are forfeit.  Any money paid in advance over the 50% deposit will be refunded in full minus bank or PayPal fees in any of the above cases. There is an exception, and that is if your trip to Cabo is cancelled or postponed due to airports in your area being closed due to bad weather, in that case it is the same as if we have bad weather here. If for any reason the boat you have chartered is unable to go, or once on the water unable to complete the trip due to mechanical failures, or the Port Captain closes the port due to bad weather, you receive a 100% refund minus the above mentioned expenses.  You also have the option of changing the charter to a later date, or to another boat if another is open.  Sorry, but I have to tell you that so there is no misunderstanding.  A number of companies here got in very hot water when the latest storm hit the mid-west and east coast and clients were unable to come to Cabo.  A couple of these companies (we were not one of them) informed their clients they still had to pay, and that they should have purchased travel insurance.  Can you believe that?  Anyway, that is the reason for that long paragraph.

Weekly Fish Report

Cabo Fish Report March 18 – 31, 2016
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Cabo Fish Report March 4 – 17, 2016
FLY HOOKER SPORTFISHING Captain George Landrum more

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