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Needlefish are not a heavy fish as you can see by the body shape shown in the pictures below, they have elongated bodies with long jaws and sharp teeth.  The term Needlefish is used for both the California Needlefish and the Houndfish (Giant Mexican Needlefish).  They are in the same family, but the Houndfish grows much larger and is more common right next to the beach.  The Houndfish can grow up to 60+ inches, has jaws that are less than 20% of its body length and has teeth that can mess you up.  Look at the second photo below.  The California Needlefish has a more elongated jaw with smaller, but still sharp, teeth.  Both these are a fantastic fish to catch on light tackle because they feed just under the surface and are very acrobatic.  The Houndfish received its name because of its tendency to take off in long horizontal leaps, like a hound bounding through brush,  While fun to catch, they are rarely eaten due to the number of bones in the body, and because the meat has a green tinge that scares many people off.NeedleFish (1) needlefish

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