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Links  to check out:

Friends from Cabo

Our Buddy Steve Evans personal website and his adventures in Cabo.

Our favorite local Cabo Band  comes through town to give some afternoon tunes.  Now if only the local government doesn’t harass him too much and lets him play.

Our friends

Around the World:  We really do have more than two friends in this business, these are really good friends also in the Charter fishing Business.  So if you are heading their way be sure to look them up for your fishing trip and tell them George and Mary said Aloha, Hola and Hafa Adai!

Steve Kaiser and Steve Roney  (aka “Rone Dog”).  Some of you might have met the “Rone Dog”, he spent some time here in Cabo a couple years back.  in Kona Hawaii

If for any reason you are heading to Guam be sure to give John the business at Lucky Strike Sportfishing.  This guy is good.  One of George’s Mentors, this guys is good when it comes to saltwater fishing.   for the “wassup” for Mag Bay and the East Cape. Unlike George, Gary updates his fish reports a couple times a week.

Now some websites that we have links to so we need to link back.  Full of good info about Cabo and the whole Baja  (this one has the best maps I have ever found of the area)

Other stuff that’s cool to check out

Ever wonder how George knows so much about the water temps?????

Cabo’s best weather report.  Now I really like this one.  These guys at Intellicast are friends of someone who fishes with us regularly.  They added the Cabo area just for us.  They have the most current satellite photos when we are watching for the storms.  This link takes you directly to Cabo’s Weather.

A couple of things that is nice to know

Money exchange

Just remember the exchange rate on this page is for New York City/Mexico City when they are traded thousands of dollars.  What we actually get at the banks in Cabo is about .15-.20 less.  And the small money exchange booths can be up to .50 less.  It pays to know what your dollar is worth.

Ok and now stuff you hope you don’t need, but should probably know about.

Unfortunately we have had friends in both of these hospitals.  I think Amerimed has the better English speaking staff, but both are good places if you need them.

The Red Cross Ambulances will take you to either place.  The Baja Medical Response also has their own Ambulances.

If you do use Red Cross, remember these guys are volunteers.  If they help you out of a situation, please be proud to offer donations to their organization.

While I am on a kick about Donations.  Please Remember the Bombero’s these guy are volunteer fireman.  Stop and buy some t-shirts from them at the Fire Station behind McDonald’s.

Also all you fireman, you guys all trade badges from your stations up there.  The guys here are happy to trade badges with you also, so bring some with you.  And any old gear or coats you are not using any more!

Weekly Fish Report

Cabo Fish Report March 18 – 31, 2016
FLY HOOKER SPORTFISHING Captain George Landrum more

Cabo Fish Report March 4 – 17, 2016
FLY HOOKER SPORTFISHING Captain George Landrum more

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