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Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle are known as “Toro” here, Spanish for “bull”, and that is an excellent description of the fight these fish put up from start to finish!  While they are not very good eating, they are eager to inhale a lure or bait, can be found in large schools and can wear you out quickly.  These are one of the few members of the Jack family that are common to find offshore in deeper water, but are also inshore off the beach.  Close enough in fact that they are a common catch for surf casters!  These fish are mostly an incidental catch since they are not great eating, but when you mange to tie into one you will want to catch more!  Live bait and trolled lures both work great, but surface chuggers and poppers cast from a boat or the beach bring the most out of these fish as they attack with a frenzy, slashing and chomping until they either hook up or lose interest.

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