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Grouper (depending on color and shape, also called Cabrilla) are a fantastic fish to eat.  Most of our Grouper run between three and 15 pounds, but it is not uncommon to find one in the 60 pound class and the commercial fishermen here have been known to bring in these beasts that can weigh between 150 and 200 pounds.  There are 38 species of Grouper in our area so I am not going to list all of them, and most are less than 2 feet in length, but we do have the Goliath Grouper here, and they can get up to 700 pounds.  Our most common species are the Flag, Broom-tail, Spotted, Gulf and occasionally Leopard (Golden) Grouper.  They are a wide ranging fish but prefer to live in or around rock piles or rocky areas.   They can put your gear in the rocks in a heartbeat if you are not careful. They are very strong for their size, little fire-plugs, and most anglers who are not expecting them end up having the fish go into the rocks and loose them.  Use line a bit heavier than usual and max out the drag for the initial few minutes in order to keep them out of the rocks.  Most are caught in 100 to 250 feet of water using cut bait, but sometimes one will grab a smaller fish that has already eaten the bait.  Because of this, a live Mackerel or Caballito will work as well as using a down rigger and trolling swimming plugs just off the bottom. If you do have one hook up and go into the rocks, if you keep the line tight and pluck it like a guitar string they will sometimes come out, or if you back off all the pressure they will sometimes swim out on their own.January 3, 2008. The Ledger/Michael Wilson Broomtail Grouper

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