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Favorite Hang-Outs

Our Favorite hang-outs.

These first three bars are “where the locals go.”

Tanga Tanga Rhythm and Booze lots of TV’s for Sports and most definitely the best prices in town. Happy hour prices all day long and even then he runs specials. Located in next door to the Nick-San Japanese Restaurant down by the Tesoro Hotel (was the Wyndham, before that the Tesoro, before that the Costa Real Cabo, then before that the Plaza Las Glorias). Right on the main drag, great for people watching and take a shopping break. . The staff all speak English and are quick to get those drinks out. Coldest beer in Cabo. There is nothing like getting a nice cold Pacifico with ice dripping off the bottle. Best and cheapest Cheeseburgers in Cabo!

Baja Cantina On the waterfront by the fuel dock. Sip your favorite beverage while dreaming of owning one of those large private yachts moored in front of you. Great snacks in the bar, and decent drink prices.

Latitude 22 I put that name, because that is what most people will know it by. Now called “The Roadhouse” Mike Grzanich is still making his famous Prime Rib dinners, just with a better view. They moved out onto the Corridor behind the Power plant. Awesome view of the Arch. All of the old pictures and memorabilia are still there. If you are driving take the side road past Costco and take the first right after the Power plant, one block up. If you are taking a taxi, you might have to ask for the New Latitude 22. The Taxi drivers know that name better then “The Roadhouse”

Some of the places above are also Restaurants besides the bar. But below are some really good restaurants.

For the best breakfast and coffee in Cabo, and without a doubt the best lunches for fishing, go to “The Giggling Bean Coffee Shop”, located right next to the Giggling Marlin. They open at 6:30 every morning except Sunday when they open at 7 AM. I love the breakfast Croissant Sandwich, and they will fix anything you might want as long as they have the ingredients! If you want to get lunches to go for fishing, you can call them at 624-113-0420. You can pick them up there at 6 AM or ask for delivery to the dock! Having a giant, hot, fresh breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee really starts the fishing day of on the right foot, and the sandwiches are fantastic as well!

My favorite Restaurant is “Maro’s Shrimp House”. It is located on Restaurant Row next to Los Barriles and across (almost) from La Dolce.

This place has a small menu to choose from. You get Shrimp or Lobster. Hot, cold or deep fried. Medium or Jumbo. That’s it, the whole menu. Oh and you get rice with your meal. By keeping the menu simple, Maro insures that he has the freshest Shrimp and lobster available. Great place to take a group, just walk in the door and start ordering by the kilo. Watch out for those Bulldogs, they taste like lemonade and can sneak up on you after a couple. Yummy!

Salvatores Italian Restaurant is great with very ample portions and great taste with their Bar/Restaurant “Sammy G’s” several doors up. Great service, great food and drinks and a nice ambiance.

Last, but certainly not least is “Pollo de Oro”, or Golden Chicken. This is on the up street across from the mall, about four blocks up. If you love chicken and ribs you will e it here! The prices are fantastic as is the food! My go-to take home after an early evening out, they close when they sell out and are not open on Tuesdays.

Now who says Cabo is getting too expensive, you just have to know where to go. There are a lot of great places just off the beaten path.

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