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Once seen, never forgotten can be used to describe the Dorado, also known as Mahi-Mahi, Dolphin and Dolphin Fish. One of the most brilliant, beautiful gamefish in the oceans, it is also one of the best eating. Dorado are very often in schools, sometimes extremely large ones and often just in pairs. They grow very fast and are hungry most of the time. Add to these facts one more, these fish love to jump! They are most commonly found under floating debris such as floats, logs and seaweed lines. Often several weeks after a hurricane they can be easily found by checking under the debris lines formed from the arroyos washing out. If you see Frigate Birds working a specific area, swooping down once in a while it is likey there are Dorado or Marlin under it. Most boats will start out pulling all lures when fishing Dorado, then once a fish is hooked up and brought close to the boat, it is held there until another one appears, and then a live bait or chunk bait is dropped back. Fishing this way allows the use of light tackle, and is one of the favorite methods used by Fly Fishermen to catch Dorado. Most of the time the Dorado here average 15 pounds, but there are plenty of 40+ pound fish brought in.  Easy to tell apart, the males (known as bulls) have a flat forehead, the females (cows) are rounded instead.

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