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Boat Info

While we had our own boat, a 31′ Bertram named “Fly Hooker”, it was old and needed new engines, transmissions, pretty much everything. We operated the boat for the first five years and used other 31′ Bertrams as overflow for our clients, and as a result. became very familiar with the other boats, owners, crews and gear. Mary got tired of receiving fuel pumps and heads for birthdays and anniversaries so we sold the boat. Since then we have been booking boats ranging in size from 23′ Pangas to 45′ Cruisers. All the boats we book have been vetted by us for safety and comfort, we ensure that the crews are the best we can find and the majority of them are owner/operators. Click on the boat sizes for pictures and descriptions, contact me for prices. I am very competitive and am service oriented!

Weekly Fish Report

Cabo Fish Report March 18 – 31, 2016
FLY HOOKER SPORTFISHING Captain George Landrum more

Cabo Fish Report March 4 – 17, 2016
FLY HOOKER SPORTFISHING Captain George Landrum more

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