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Black Marlin

The Black Marlin is a member of the billfish family that Cabo is very familiar with as they have probably won just as many Bisbee Tournaments as Blue Marlin, although they are not as numerous.  An example of this is the results of the 2014 tournament where 25 Blue Marlin were reported and only one Black Marlin was called in.  Black Marlin also seem to feed in shallower waters than Blue Marlin, often found in water less than 300 feet deep.  While growing just as large as Blue Marlin, the fish fight differently with the Blue Marlin often jumping and grey-hounding in the distance where the Black Marlin save their jumps for close to the boat and the majority of the fight is deep.  These are just generalities, every fish is different, but is a good guide in telling the difference.  Another way is the appearance of the fish.  In most cases the bill of the Black Marlin is shorter in comparison to the body length and much thicker, but the most definitive way on larger fish is that the pectoral fins on a Black Marlin are locked into position and will not fold back.  On smaller fish they often will fold back, but if you look at the appearance of them, the Black Marlin has a very defined scimitar shape as the photos below show.  While often caught on lures, the most popular method here is to slow troll a live Skipjack or Yellowfin Tuna on a down-rigger while working high spots or the drop-offs along 300 foot deep flats.

Black Marlin Black Marlin 2

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