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About Us

Flyhooker Sportfishing was started in 1993 by Tim King and was purchased by my wife and I in 1999. We had been living in Guam for 14 years and had commercial fished (boy, that was hard work, and when I saw the charter captains going out and returning the same day, my life changed), charter fished, had a wholesale/retail seafood business and manufactured ice for our use and for retail/wholesale sales. The economy was down, our parents were ill and we found Flyhooker Sportfishing listed on line as being for sale. I knew about the fishing here but had never visited so we took off for a week to check it out. We fell in love with the area and saw a possibility so took it. Up until November of 2013 everything was going fine, then we discovered that Mary had brain cancer. The next two years were a nightmare, less said the better. Mary passed away in August of 2014 and now I am running the show by myself. Part of what I have needed to do is update the web site and that is what you are now seeing, a new, improved version! I hope you understand that sometimes when I write “we” I mean Mary and I, even though it is just me now, because even gone, she is still part of me. I have a 100 ton U.S.C.G. License and do work on private boats that are registered in the U.S., U.S. boats that are here on temporary import for commercial use and do deliveries up and down the west coast. I am an I.G.F.A. Certified Captain and Observer and am active in the social group “Caboholics”. I raise money for “El Ranchito Dog Rescue” with a Caboholics fishing trip auction every year (so far this year I have raised just under $2,000 for the dogs) and have escorted adopted dogs to their new owners in the states.

Weekly Fish Report

Cabo Fish Report March 18 – 31, 2016
FLY HOOKER SPORTFISHING Captain George Landrum more

Cabo Fish Report March 4 – 17, 2016
FLY HOOKER SPORTFISHING Captain George Landrum more

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